American School of Doha - Powerschool Parent Portal Instructions


***For parents with EXISTING PowerSchool Account and need to add more children account please scroll all the way down.

Step 1: Create a parent/guardian account
Click "Create Account" button

Step 2: Choose a Username and Password
-Each parent should create his/her own username/password
-A strong password is one that is not easy to guess or find in a
dictionary, and contains at least 6 characters with a mixture of
upper and lower case, numbers.

Step 3: Link your children to your account.
At the bottom of the same screen you will find a place to enter
names, access ids and access passwords for each of your children;
access ID and Access Password information sent to you by school email.

Email sample:


Please also select how you are related to each child in the relationship dropdown menu.
To finish, click the Enter button.

Step 4: Confirm registration and login
If all information is correct, you will receive the notification below and
you can proceed to log in to the parent portal.


For parents with EXISTING PowerSchool Account

1. Log in to your PowerSchool Account

2. Click the Account Preference icon in the left of your portal

3. Select the student tab and click add button to add names, access ids and access password from each additional children and hit submit; the information is listed in the email